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Start-Up! Scale-Up! is happy to introduce Ezmems - Edge multisensing technology

EZMEMS converts a bulky integration of a bundle of expensive packaged sensors into a fully integrated high-performance multi-sensing system in a single device.

"EZMEMS is revolutionizing situational awareness with its disruptive edge multi-sensing technology. In Foodtech, Agrotech and Water systems, situational awareness requires high-performance data and sensor fusion from critical points in the process, known as edge points. Traditional sensing solutions are often bulky and expensive, making integration challenging where it matters most."

EZMEMS has been interviewed in Isra-Tech, you can read the whole article here (page 12)

Who founded Ezmems? Tell us about the journey of creating the company and the company name.

EZMEMS was founded by Tsvi and Nicola.

We met at Tel Aviv University MEMS laboratory back in 2009 when I did my PhD and Nicola came from Bologna, Italy, for a short period to study MEMS. We worked together in the lab and even published an award-winning paper.

In 2014 we decided to establish EZMEMS, but it took us several years to define the direction and eventually only in 2016 we raised our pre seed investment and started to work full time in the company. It took us additional several years to develop the technology, mostly in terms of the ability to mass produce the sensors and to understand what the right applications and markets are. It was a very difficult journey and as a hardware company it was very difficult for us to raise money and eventually, we raised most of money from customers and won the EIC Accelerator in 2023, which gave us a nice boost to push forward.

Tell us about what you are offering that is unique. When reading about your solution, it sounds great. But what is it that your solution is standing out from companies that offers more or less the same? 

We offer a different approach for the making and integration of sensors. You can’t find similar sensors in the market, only in your body. We offer realtime high performance multisensing at the most critical points of a process.


What is the most challenging about your solution?

The biggest challenge is to enable the production of the sensors in large scale production. Having an idea and implementing it in a small scale is challenging but to switch to mass production is much more challenging.

Sustainable development and sustainable production have again risen as something important. We always promote sustainability in every circle. What is your take on this when you talk to your clients?

We receive great feedback. Most of them understand immediately the savings in terms of waste, water usage, energy consumption, reduction of chemicals, efficiency etc.

Unfortunately, people are not aware to the Silicon semiconductor industry and when we offer a polymeric solution some think of it in terms of having more plastic when we actually reduce the amount of plastic and can even convert plastic waste into sensors.

We love to discuss the future, how do you see the development and challenges for the next 5-10 years in the industrial production?

I think that we are all aware of the supply chains issues and companies needs to have flexible production, improve efficiency, use less chemicals, make less waste and use less water and do everything in a very efficient way to keep costs competitive. To implement all of these we need to have better situational awareness. I also believe in production in Europe.

Thank you so much for this interview Tsvi. As a final question, tell us a little about you.

I’m originally from Tel Aviv.

My first degree was in Mechanical Engineering and when I finished the studies, I said that I will never step again at an academic institute … after 1 year I started my MBA and later on continued to MBA, MSc and PhD… so today I have 5 academic degrees: Mechanical Engineering, Teaching, MBA, MSc and PhD in MEMS

My first job was as a high school teacher, which I enjoyed very much. I hope one day to teach again.

I’m married with 4 kids.

My hobby is gardening, I like plants and the interactions between soil, water and air to create fruits or flowers. I have a circular garden, at every moment in the year there is a fruit in the garden. I also like to grow roses, mostly English roses. I also like cats and there are several cats in the garden.

We are so looking forward to tak to you in out event Start Up! Scale Up! on February 7:th

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