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Sustainability Circle...

… is a think tank with the task to identify and share knowledge that contributes to sustainable development for the industry in general and manufacturing in particular. 

... was formed in 2010 and decided to build the network on maintenance. 100,000 technicians and engineers in Swedish industry could be used significantly better than before. They still can. based on a manifesto completed with 17 articles 

... led a dialogue between industry and academia in 2015 about what role maintenance would have when production is digitized. The answer was Smart Maintenance.

... today has around 50 principals in industry, infrastructure and services from Luleå in the north to Malmö in the south.

... now focuses on how maintenance, manufacturing and development together can generate   operational and strategic operational security. We need more robust and resilient businesses.


… shares knowledge through more than hundred webinars, seminars, internal company events, trade fair visits, study visits, training courses and individual meetings every year.

... is led by a board with 20 members, a reference group with 75 members and a staff. Henric Widén is CEO and head of staff.


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